This timeline shall be updated as the story unfolds.
Earth Dating: Before/After the Common Era (B/CE)
Space Dating: Before/After the Spheres Fell (B/ASF)
Earth Space Events and Such
1980 CE c. 6320 BSF Conception of Tolerien, Biogel, and Disturbed Simulations by TMOA.
1993 CE c. 6310 BSF Fr. Freunlaven digs up a witch's grave, ushering in the regular Congregation of the story's Avatars. Really, it's all his fault.
2012 CE c. 6300 BSF Final printing of The Encyclopedia Britanica to paper.
2168 CE c. 6140 BSF Carl Conrad Franz Oort born, New Amsterdam, Earth
2265 CE c. 6040 BSF The "Great Clotting" of Earth. Treason of Jeremiah "Bill" Froog. Transformation of Venus into a living simulation using biogel and Oort Industry processing technology, known as Tolerien.
c. 5400 CE 2876 BSF The Monastery of Ages destroyed, Tolerien. Catastrophe at Mannepose. The Uuvik Aahh is found by the Grist.
c. 5980 CE 2313 BSF Raising of the Spheres at the Guardian Keep, Tolerien.
c. 8250 CE 42 BSF Emergence of Tromlyn Tammanassas as Nachahim, Emmetine, Clarem Cluster.
c. 8300 CE 0 ASF Tromlyn arrives, Sol system. Gathering of Agent 3162-B. The Spheres Fall. Tolerien reverts to Venus. Ambassador Shahmish Corsendonk and Alwfyce Rune survive aboard the SOL Tammanassas.
c. 8300 CE 89 Days ASF Assumption of Tromlyn Tammanassas to Sovereign Captain of the SOL Tromlyn Tammanassas

The Great Seal of House Tammanassas

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